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Thailand is a country that it is located in tropical zone. This would makes it a suitable place to grow various kinds of fruits.
Q Beverages is a Thai manufacturer, which produces tropical juices under the name 'VitaQ Tropical', from locally grown fruits. With the selected quality grown fruits obtained directly from contracted -
farming orchards, Q Beverages is able to produce high quality fruit juices accordingly. Especially the two fruit juices under the name 'VitaQ Tropical' are lychee and mangosteen - King of fruit which is now the best selling of all juices. All Q Beverages fruit juices are manufactured with the-state-of-art machinery and recognized by serveral recognized international standard - GMP, ISO9001:2008 and HALAL. Q Beverages is also providing services from fruit juices to international market destinations. All Q Beverages Juices are certified by TFDA (Thai Food and Drug Administration)

SKU: vitaq
Weight: 7.68 kg
Dimensions: 25 cm × 35.5 cm × 15.5 cm

Brand name: VitaQ Tropical
Style: sleek aluminium can
Content: 320 ml/ can
Packing: 24 cans / carton
Net weight: 7,68 kg / carton
Gross weight: 8,50 kg/carton
Carton dimension: 36 x 23 X 15 cm
Loading: cans 320ml: 24 x 2,350 CTN/20'FCL