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Q Fire is an energy drink with unique flavour from the blends of all perfectly selected ingredients. There are slight different flavourings from different areas from international market due to the different companies that realized it. Q Fire-Energy Drink can be enjoyed in all occasions – such as sports, party and works. I's available in 240ml aluminium cans and 250ml tinny cans.

SKU: qfire
Weight: 5.76 kg
Dimensions: 22.1 cm × 32.5 cm × 14.2 cm

Brand name: Q Fire
Style: Slim aluminium can
Content: 240 ml/can
Packing: 24 cans/carton
Net Weight: 5,76 kg/carton
Gross weight: 6,60 kg/carton
Carton dimension: 22.10 x 32.5 X 14.20 cm
Loading: Cans 250ml: 24 x 2800 CTN / 20'FCL